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Golden Salted Egg Goodness

coated with 100% real salted egg. only the real deal.


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CHILDHOOD SERIES | Do you remember the time when you peeled open a White Rabbit candy wrapper just to suck on the edible transparent rice paper and milky chewy heavenly goodness? We sure do & we want to bring back those memories.  . Introducing 2 newest flavours into our Hou Sek family- White Rabbit Salted Egg Fish Skin & Haw Flakes Potato Chips! The perfect matchmake in heaven of sweet and salty altogether that would bring you back to your childhood days. Hi @myinsidescoop @wakawaka.gelato ! 

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hou sek mou?

Malaysian made, and I'm super proud. Because it's affordable and delicious. I've tried other wannabe salted egg snacks and I just cannot. This here is AMAZING. Please do yourself a favour and get yourself a bunch!!!

Talitha Tan, Malaysia singer-songwriter

Hou Sek is out of this world amazing!

Lisa from Foodpanda

After taking a bite of Hou Sek, I immediately placed an order for another 20 packets. That's how gastronomical Hou Sek is.

Dan Mahathir, ex-prime minister's long lost son

Wtfbbq this sh*ts amazing

Zhi, calligraphy sifu who has super beautiful hand-writing

After trying numerous Salted Egg Snacks, this is the best I have tried! Really fresh & yummy!

Tessa, Salted Egg Snacks Cravings satisfied

F***ing A

Z. Chi, Food Enthusiast who works with Tony Fernandes

omg it's damn yummy la. #cantstopwontstop

Trisha H., brought 10 packets back to UK to share with her friends.

it's sauuu good! 

Emma Shazleen, Fashion Entrepreneur

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